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2024 Arizona Campus Voting Challenge

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office is excited to announce the launch of the Arizona Campus Voting Challenge, in partnership with the nonpartisan ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (ALL IN), to support all Arizona colleges and universities to ensure every eligible member of the campus community is ready to vote in 2024.

The Arizona Campus Voting Challenge is a nonpartisan initiative that supports and recognizes higher education institutions across Arizona that have committed to increasing student voter participation and nonpartisan democratic engagement on their campuses.

The following Arizona Campus Voting Challenge awards will be announced for Arizona community colleges and 4-year institutions after the ALL IN Awards Celebration.

  • Highest 2024 Campus Voter Turnout
  • Highest 2024 Campus Voter Registration Rate
  • Most Improved 2024 Campus Voter Turnout

Actions to prepare for upcoming state, local, and primary elections and the 2024 presidential election

  1. Develop a campus nonpartisan democratic engagement action plan using the action planning resources below.
  2. Submit your action plan to ALL IN
    • ALL IN has three action plan submission opportunities during each two-year election cycle:
      • May 31, 2024
      • October 1, 2024
  3. Authorize the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) housed at Tufts University to receive campus voting reports every two years.
  4. Encourage your campus president or chancellor to sign the Higher Education Presidents' Commitment to Full Student Voter Participation
    • Since 2020, nearly 670 college and university presidents and chancellors have signed the commitment. By signing on to the Higher Education Presidents' Commitment to Full Student Voter Participation, college and university presidents are making a public statement of their commitment. As leaders, it is important for higher education presidents to express the value of an inclusive and vibrant democracy.

Resources to support campus nonpartisan democratic engagement

Developing a nonpartisan democratic engagement action plan is a key step of participating in ALL IN and institutionalizing nonpartisan democratic engagement on your campus. Each election cycle, ALL IN provides three action plan submission opportunities including two chances for campuses to receive feedback on their action plan. Check out these action planning resources:

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Civic Holidays

  • Civic Holidays are nonpartisan days of action that strengthen and celebrate our country's democracy. They bring together a wide range of organizations - like the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge - and communities in pursuit of an America where everyone participates and votes. For more information about Civic Holidays visit: